How big is your love? What are your “Love Dimensions?”
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Simplistic in its composition and its content, “Soul Music” itself is anything but. Soul music is about your soul …
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Menemsha, Massachusetts, a tiny fishing village on Martha’s Vineyard is home to the most spectacular sunsets this side of the Florida Keys.
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No Permission Needed LLC

Welcome to NO PERMISSION NEEDED featuring the original fine art of M. Gasby Brown. Her artistic journey has been phenomenal. After using her God-given talent as a self-taught painter for four years, her work has been commissioned by international organizations and her impressive list of owners represent an elite group of art appreciators nationwide. She will share her story with you on the next page. The subsequent pages will highlight some of her work. Each piece she creates has a story and if you are interested in knowing the background regarding a particular piece or pieces, Please write to us via email:

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    My first work was a tree, a black tree against a red match my Chinese red dining room walls. It was a very simplistic foray into my new world. My second piece was a blue and white abstract half-face, probably motivated by the genius of Pablo Picasso.
    31 Day Journal of Praise & Prayer and Note Cards.