Reluctant Democracy

Reluctant Democracy.jpg
Reluctant Democracy.jpg

Reluctant Democracy


Mixed Media on Canvas
29.75 x 41.75

“Justice is truth in action.” Benjamin Disraeli,
19th century British politician

This four-panel work represents (from left
to right) important political milestones that
shape America’s black people: (1) African
slaves’ journey through the Middle Passage
to a life of servitude; (2) the struggle for the
right to vote, which later (3) culminated in the
successful passage of the Voting Rights Act.

The fourth panel consists of four red stripes
and six clustered stars, but if you look closer
you’ll find a seventh star at the bottom. The
number “7” represents a journey complete. For
residents of Washington, D.C., the standalone
star represents a journey toward statehood and
equal representation that remains unfulfilled.

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